Pan-Fried Salmon with Green Garlic and Capers; dogs on the walk — 8 Comments

  1. Fun to visit with these guys. I take tiny dog treats along on my Meals on Wheels route and, after a week or two, even initially ferocious dogs look forward to our visits.

  2. Thank you for this recipe. The farm box I just received contains green garlic and I was wondering how to use it. Perfect timing! Your recipe includes the green tops; the tops on the ones I received are firm and tough like the green tops of leeks. Is that what yours were like? Do they soften as they cook?

    • I use the green until it starts feeling thick and tough. Sometimes that’s only a few inches, other times it’s almost all of it. It depends (I think) on how long ago it was pulled. Hope that helps – and have fun with them!!!

  3. Looks delish and I love salmon. 🙂

    I guess I didn’t realize how populated your area really is.

    • We walk through 2 small villages and one, smaller, hamlet in the 12 km It’s really is an interesting walk! But there are not the wide open spaces anywhere here that there are in the US