Pimientos Stuffed with Ham and Goat Cheese


Pimientos Stuffed with Ham and Goat Cheese; rocks — 6 Comments

  1. I feel your pain re all the stones in the veggie garden. I’m always telling the gardeners at Chenonceau how envious I am of their nice sandy loam that has been cultivated for 500 years. I’ve got a paddock on a limestone-clay slope. Not the same.

    I’ve not noticed ‘Philadelphia’ being universal for cream cheese. ‘Fromage à tartiner’ would be just as common here in the Touraine I reckon. But then, everyone knows that we in the Touraine are the only ones who speak proper French 🙂

    • Maybe they’re saying it for the Yank lol. Philadelphia is actually easier to find then the French Fromage – and yes, could be a regional thing. I had nice dirt in my potager in the Vendee – which had been a potager for a 100 years or so. Here it’s like an archeological site – I never know what I’m going to find

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