Pork Medallions with Green Garlic; stuff — 8 Comments

  1. In So. California, we’ve had leeks, endive, escarole, chard, etc. for as long as I can remember. White asparagus, not as much and when I used to see it, it didn’t look all that fresh. Now, that isn’t the case. Your dinner company sounds wonderful. I would have enjoyed that/ The recipe, as always, would more than satisfy.

    • California has always been in the forefront – ’cause everything grows there. I do remember hearing from other readers that leeks were available but very expensive in other parts of the US, Escarole is not something I see – nor do I see kale. Shucky darn! Endive is a very popular vegetable here…. usually in a gratin.
      The party was fun… a great mix of people

  2. We’re smoking ribs tomorrow for dinner. We smoke all year round though, even when it’s zero degrees out. Husband kind of got away from the Webber though and I have to admit, the burgers aren’t nearly as good on the smoker.

    • We have a smoker, a weber, a gas grill, a small charcoal grill…. and he uses them all, depending on what he’s cooking. I look forward to him taking over for his 6 months of cooking! And he’s happy to start and happy to finish

  3. Pork medallions with green garlic sounds wonderful! Spring is so late this year that the garlic hasn’t yet sprouted – all we’ve seen so far are the tiniest tips of chives. Now I’m really anxious for the garlic to appear!

    I can’t imagine wasting butternut squash on the pigs! (Unless you consider me to be one of the pigs…). One of our Parisian friends refused to even try corn on the cob at our house. We were dining in our back yard and had managed to get brilliant sweet corn that had been picked that day. No amount of “ooooohh this is fabulous!” from everyone (including the fellow’s wife) would change his position that he would “never eat horse food”.

    (He does eat andouillette though. In fact he relishes it. I confess that while I have tried a tiny morsel, I would never try it again.)

    • And they love tripe… sorry, not for me. I’ll eat the sweet corn. I have actually seen some French people eat ‘le hamburger’ with their hands rather than a knife and fork. Perhaps if you had shown him how to cut the kernels off with a knife? Seriously, the first year I planted pumpkins the neighbors wanted to know if we were going to raise pigs.This is the very best time of the year for herbs chez moi! I have a basketful on the counter waiting for dinner