Risotto with Meatballs and Spinach; Wild — 15 Comments

  1. I can’t do book clubs as I can’t force myself to read books I am not enjoying to the end, life is too short to read bad books

    • The last book club I was in I really enjoyed because I was introduced to so many great books. The jury is still out on this one lol

  2. I have neither read the book nor have I seen the movie, but I think your critique of the book is perfect for your book club opinion. You are on the fence about liking the book or not, and your reasons are legit!

  3. I agree with Gloria. The fact that your opinion is ambivalent does not render it illegitimate. It is what it is. As it happens, I have read the book (I did not see the movie) and I have the same thoughts as you for the same reasons. I enjoyed the challenges described as well as the natural elements, but Cheryl was not a wholly sympathetic character, although I appreciate her willingness to put it all out there and not sugar coat her reality.

  4. Love this recipe. I like the use of leeks (I always use onions) and the beef broth (I always use chicken). I am so intrigued by the flavor profile here. the meatballs make it even better. My husband would really love this too.

      • I like leeks and use them a lot – esp in spring when they are so prolific here. Actually, our book club meets in the afternoon so no wine, just tea (also it’s mainly Brits lol) I’ll have to work on that

  5. I’m with the others. Your opinion of the book is yours and should not have to coincide with anyone else’s. That’s why it’s open for discussion. One opinion isn’t any more off or on than someone else’s. I have not read the book nor seen the movie, not my cup of tea. I imagine there will be those who loved it and those who did not so it should make for a lively discussion. Stick to your opinion!

    Also, I cannot read books that hold no interest for me for the sake of a club, something I had a terrible time with all the way through school though I’m a voracious reader. I remember having to read a couple books for class that I hated so much, I’d have rather gouged my eyes out rather than finish them, so I no longer put myself in that position. However, if I’d been able to be honest on my book reports, it would have been marginally better. But it wasn’t.

    • Fortunately, I’m a good ‘skimmer’ although I haven’t had to resort to that yet. If I really hated it I wouldn’t read it. We have an unofficial ’60 page rule’ – give a solid try but don’t force yourself. I can live with that. Although I was close lol

  6. Although I’ve thought about joining a book club when I preview the books on the list, I just couldn’t get excited about them. I read (at least) a book a week, but I really can’t stand reading a book I don’t like. I put it down and move onto the next one (cuz there’s ALWAYS a next one!)

    That being said, your opinion of the book is YOUR opinion. I know of no rules that say everyone as to agree on a book. Express your opinion (and maybe suggest a book or two!)

    • Our next meeting is this week and it’s one of mine – we shall see. So far we’ve been pretty divided on liking the books. But there doesn’t seem to be much of a consensus on how to choose. Oh well, it’s a new group so we’ll give it time

  7. I had the same problem, I read it a while ago for a Book Club and I found the main character really really irritating but I quite liked the nature bits. I missed the meeting so I don’t know what other people thought! I like my book club, it gets me to read books I would never usually pick up, there seems to be a slight bias towards crime fiction, which I don’t usually read, so I’ve read some really interesting stories.

    • I like the book club for the same reason – I read books I wouldn’t otherwise. I just found out that one of the women has actually hiked the PCT so I will be anxious to hear her take on the book. Our meeting for that book is in May. I quite liked the movie, though….. 😉