Spicy Sausage Hash; too hot and too weird — 4 Comments

  1. Hahaha!! I had that happen once. The back hatch of my car was open when I came out of the store. Someone must have had the same frequency on their remote as mine. It’s a tad scary though to think your car might be possessed…

    I rarely make spicy things but once in awhile, I’ll give husband a treat. He loves, Loves, spicy food. I simply can’t eat it or I’m sick for days, but it’s not fair to punish him for my shortcomings either. He’d probably have loved this dish.

    • I found ‘Lapin Repulsif’ at the garden store. I asked if it worked. He just smiled…. I bought it anyway and sprayed it on the wood at the bottom of the fence, Then it rained for 3 days. Sigh….