Fettuccini alla Romana; the pool — 6 Comments

  1. About the best I can say is that at least now I don’t always buy the hardback … unless it’s really good then I might have both the hard back and the e-books. And I do at least try most out from the library first. Progress in all spheres is all you can ask.

    • Most of what I buy now are the small, paperback specialty ones that I find in odd places. Anything serious I get the e-book. I still do love the big, beautiful coffee-table books tho lol Library is not an option for me, sadly

  2. What is it about that someone who shall remain nameless? Is it possible that this someone is related to someone in our household who has decreed that we don’t. need. any. more. cookbooks. We. don’t. have. room. (There’s still space on the shelves and we haven’t even started doubling the books on each shelf yet.)

    That fettucini looks delcious.

    • You haven’t started doubling yet? Or stacking? Or slipping them in on top? You have lots of room, no need to curtail your purchasing yet. You have my permission to go forth and shop!