Pasta with Sage and Carrots; scaredy dog

A few months (or more) ago, mon beau-frère, who lives in Hawaii, sent me a simple recipe for Pasta with Sage and Carrots.

He knows how much mon mari (his brother) loves sage. Must be a family thing,,,,

Anyway….. I read it, liked it, saved it, and promptly forgot about it.

In my defense I think I had already put my gardens to bed for the winter and was no longer thinking about lovely, fresh herbs.

The other day. as I was admiring my huge sage bush, I remembered the recipe.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Naturally, I made a few changes but I believe I kept the essence of his original recipe.

His recipe called for 40 sage leaves.

My sage leaves, for some reason unknown to me, are huge: 4 – 5 inches long rather than the usual 2 – 3 inches. I only used 20 and, for obvious reasons, chopped them.

Use as many as you like.

I added garlic chives – because they were growing next to the sage.

We both loved it….

Many thanks, beau-frère!

The recipe, Pasta with Sage and Carrots, has been updated, nutrition information added, and re-posted here: Pasta with Carrots & Sage.

Is this the picture of a brave watch-dog?


Our local farmer planted his soy beans a little over a week ago.

This made me happy as I thought the birds would leave my little potager alone and go feast on his fields.

Apparently, the same thought occurred to him as on Sunday he brought a canon and put it in the middle of his field.

Close to our house.

There are canons in other fields, and have been every summer, but this one is close…. And loud.

This is how it works:

The canon goes off.

Bonnie barks like the hounds of hell have been released and are coming for her.

Guapa runs in circles, drooling as only a terrified dog can.

Ten minutes later it all happens again.

Every 10 minutes, from 7 am until 9 pm.

They won’t go for walks.

They won’t even go outside.

They don’t eat treats.

Today was the fourth day..

Bonnie is adjusting. She only barks every third or fourth time now.

I made a little ‘cave’ for Guapa, in the corner of the kitchen. She crawls in and stays there all day.

About 11 pm, after no bangs for 2 hours, I can persuade them to eat and go outside to, er, take care of business.

Then, being exhausted after the terrors of the day, they both sleep like puppies all night.

The next morning we start over.

The farmer told me that he’ll only use the canon until the plants are tall enough that the birds leave them alone…. hopefully, less than a week.

I have no idea how long doggie recovery will take.

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6 thoughts on “Pasta with Sage and Carrots; scaredy dog”

    • Bonnie is learning to ignore it…. Not Guapa. I quit hearing it right away lol There are lots all over at the moment but only the one next to us causes a problem

  1. Poor dogs – our last Pointer was terrified of thunder and fireworks so I know how that must be affecting your two. Fortunately in this area they seem to go in for plastic bags, scarecrows and predator bird shaped “kites” tethered to long poles.

    • Gill, he had one of the kites on the field closest to us and that seemed to work really well – better than the canon, in my opinion…. but I’ prejudiced. And yes, plastic bags on sticks are popular, too

  2. We were driving along with American clients the other day and the gas cannon in the adjoining field went of. Frightened the living daylights out of them. They thought they were under attack.

    • Ah…. they must have been city folk. I grew up in farm country and am very used to hearing the cannons go off in summer. But then I’ve heard some Americans (yes, I am an American) think we here in France are under siege….

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