Pasta with Sage and Carrots; scaredy dog — 6 Comments

    • Bonnie is learning to ignore it…. Not Guapa. I quit hearing it right away lol There are lots all over at the moment but only the one next to us causes a problem

  1. Poor dogs – our last Pointer was terrified of thunder and fireworks so I know how that must be affecting your two. Fortunately in this area they seem to go in for plastic bags, scarecrows and predator bird shaped “kites” tethered to long poles.

    • Gill, he had one of the kites on the field closest to us and that seemed to work really well – better than the canon, in my opinion…. but I’ prejudiced. And yes, plastic bags on sticks are popular, too

  2. We were driving along with American clients the other day and the gas cannon in the adjoining field went of. Frightened the living daylights out of them. They thought they were under attack.

    • Ah…. they must have been city folk. I grew up in farm country and am very used to hearing the cannons go off in summer. But then I’ve heard some Americans (yes, I am an American) think we here in France are under siege….