Peppered Pork Tenderloin in Red Wine Sauce; no joy with Apple — 6 Comments

  1. Poor Guapa! Cora was gun shy, too, and never learned that fireworks and thunderstorms were not dangerous. Buzz used to load her in the car ( her favorite thing), crank up the radio, and drive her around until it was over.

    • Sedi, our German Shepherd, used to go down in the cellar (dirt cellar) and crawl under whatever she could find. We, of course, had to go down to make sure she was okay. Guapa just wanted to be under my desk under my feet. Bonnie is now ignoring it all.

  2. You could get a credit card and have only a $50 or $100 limit on it. They’ll decrease it to whatever you need it to be. That way, you can fix your ID and there wouldn’t be enough room on a card to do any damage. I do see threads on the Apple support forum complaining about the same problem going back as far as 2013. It’s baffling that Apple wouldn’t have looked into this by now.

    • I found it baffling that they were so unconcerned. Very pleasant, but really didn’t care. I tried changing my ID. I’m waiting to see if that works.