Skillet Pork and Asparagus; errands — 2 Comments

  1. I feared the asparagus would be over by the time we get back to home base. We will have to buy some in Kent to eat on our return journey. I am determined that next Spring we will plant our own because There are still a couple of plants in our orchard yielding a few spears. They were definitely planted well over 2o years ago.

    I have been amazed at how well the medical set up works in France. I have had a blood test early in the morning and the results by email, during the course of the afternoon! Hopefully the new car registration system will work as well once it has been sorted out.

    • There’s still white – and what we had last night was wonderful!. Efficiency is so hit or miss…. The blood test results the same day but the next doc has no record of you being a patient. Our doc still has all paper files – nothing online at all.As to the cars…. shudder!