Turkey Rolls Stuffed with Asparagus; love from Bologna

I decided to make these for dinner the other night.

I went on to my blog to grab the recipe and realized it didn’t have a print option.

To make life easier for me the next time I want to make them I decided to fix that.

For all of you who have not seen the recipe or thought about making turkey rolls…. Consider this a reminder. It’s worth repeating.

Anything stuffed with asparagus and green garlic is high on my list this time of year.

Turkey Rolls Stuffed with Asparagus and Green Garlic

Total time: 45 minutes


  • 4 turkey cutlets, thin, 10oz (300gr) total weight
  • 4 paper-thin slices prosciutto
  • 4 medium-sized asparagus spears, about the size of a forefinger
  • 4 green garlic stems, white bulb ends reserved for sauce
  • 2 tbs fresh, snipped tarragon
  • 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1/4 cup (2oz, 60ml) chicken stock
  • 3/4 cup (6oz, 175ml) white wine
  • 1/3 cup (3oz, 90gr) Greek yogurt
  • 2 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 1 tbs water

Turkey Rolls Stuffed with Asparagus


  • Trim asparagus and cut tip to a length just a bit wider than turkey cutlets,
  • Trim green garlic, reserving white end, and cut to same length as asparagus.
  • Poach asparagus and green garlic in boiling water for 3 minutes.
  • Remove asparagus and green garlic, refresh in cold water
  • Lay turkey cutlets flat. 
  • Lay Prosciutto on turkey.
  • Lay asparagus and green garlic on Prosciutto, letting the tips hang out a bit. 
  • Roll up and tie securely with kitchen string.
  • Chop reserved green garlic.
  • Heat oil in medium skillet.
  • Add rolls and brown well on all sides, adding chopped green garlic mid-way.
  • Add wine, stock, tarragon, cover and simmer for 20 minutes.
  • Remove rolls and keep warm.
  • Increase heat under skillet and add cornstarch mixture, stirring until thickened.
  • Stir in yogurt and remove from heat.
  • Remove string from rolls, cut each in half (looks nicer),.
  • Spoon a bit of sauce on to a plate, top with rolls and serve.

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We received a certified letter the other day…. from Bologna, Italy.

We don’t know anyone in Bologna.

We were there for a few days last July, but that was a long time ago.

Turns out there is no statute of limitations on driving infractions.

We got, not one, but two fines for driving in a pedestrian area without authorization.

Many cities in Europe have pedestrian areas in their centers, especially in the old sections, That’s usually the most interesting part of the city to be in and there are almost always nice little hotels to stay in.

Even if the street is ‘pedestrian only’ one can always drive to the hotel. And, of course, delivery vehicles, etc. are allowed on the street as well.

Apparently, either directed by our GPS or in an attempt to correct a wrong turn, we drove on one of these streets.

Most likely, realizing our mistake, we turned off said street – onto another pedestrian only street.

We have two tickets on two different streets issued 3 minutes apart.

We were tourists.

We were, obviously, lost and / or confused.

Apparently, no one cares.

At the top of the ticket, in red letters, it says (basically) don’t even think about contesting this as we have your photo taken automatically. You were caught!!!!

The date of the infraction is July 7.

The tickets were issued on Sept. 9.

They were mailed on April 26.

We received them on May 7.

Now…. and this is the good part:

If we had paid the tickets within 5 days of issue (Sept. 14) they would have been 90 euro each.

If we had paid the tickets within 60 days of issue (Nov. 8) they would have been 117 euro each.

As we missed those two deadlines, (not actually knowing about anything until May 7), the tickets were 200 euro each.

We decided to simply wire transfer the 90 euro each and hope for the best.

Because the wire transfer is to a different country I couldn’t do it myself online. I had to go to the bank.

I told my sad story to our banker and asked for his help.

He looked at the documents, laughed (sympathetically) and said the exact same thing had happened to his brother – in Italy..

He agreed that we should pay the lesser amount.

Viva Italia!

Last update on May 9, 2018

6 thoughts on “Turkey Rolls Stuffed with Asparagus; love from Bologna”

  1. My husband use to get tickets from Holland, for either driving the bike lane, or turning on a red light. He finally figured out the difference between the BIKE green turn arrow and CAR green turn arrow!

    • It took us awhile, after we moved, to remember not to turn on red lights which is legal in MN (after a full stop, of course), Now we are very careful – we thought!

  2. Years and years ago now, I went to the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? There are thousands and thousands of people who go and parking is at a premium. Because of this, we left early on a Sunday. I drove, actually found a spot on the street and grabbed it. While the streets were lined with parking meters, I didn’t see any that had time on them so, since most other cities in Michigan do this, I thought that Ann Arbor also did Not charge on Sundays. A couple months later, I received a parking ticket in the mail from the city which, had I paid it within 10 days of issue, it would have been $25. However, since it took so long for them to mail it out, it was up to $175 with all of the late fees. I mailed them a $25 check, told them I would never attend anything again there that required parking of any kind and if they thought to collect the remainder of their late fees, since they held the ticket up for so long, I would make sure the newspapers and TV stations knew what was going on.

    They didn’t collect the remainder, or try, and there were never any warrants issued.

    And I’ve never gone back.

    These turkey rolls look delicious! Did you say you grow your own asparagus? I think I’m going to plant some this year. I finally got to the rhubarb patch/raspberry patch area and got that cleaned out this week. First time in the four years almost that we’ve been here. I’ll be making rhubarb cobbler this weekend 😀

    • After we had lived in Ireland for awhile I got a notice of a bench warrant for my arrest in the mail. Apparently, while driving my car in the weeks before we left the US, my hubs got a $6.00 parking ticket at a state park. Since we were leaving he didn’t bother paying it or telling me about it, For years, every time I went back (which was several times a year as I was still working in the US) I was the world’s most perfect driver, living in terror I would be stopped in my rental car, then hauled off to jail, All for $6.00.
      As to Ann Arbor – the prudent thing for them to do would be to waive all parking fees for the duration of the fair to encourage visitors. Why are bureaucrats never logical?

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