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Lemon Mint Shrimp on Fettuccine — 4 Comments

  1. How do you think, since you’re the cook, this would taste sans mint?

    You know…our buns were all great climbers…just sayin’…


    • It would taste fine without mint – use some basil or parsley…. Thanks for the info about the buns. I’ll sleep better knowing that lol

  2. I bought some mint this week at the farmer’s market – it was so wonderfully fragrant. And then haven’t known what to do with it. I never thought of putting mint in a pasta dish. Will be trying this. Thank you. (Would you happen to have a recipe for mojitos? – just curious.)

    • Sorry, no recipe for mojitos…. although, now that you mention it perhaps I should. Cooking with mint is my new summer experiment this year!