Tuna and White Bean Salad; the state of the potager — 10 Comments

  1. LOVE beets in salads! This looks great. So sorry about the lettuce but “they” have to eat too … right, if only they’d leave a little but it never works that way.

  2. Know the feeling. Lost a bunch of herb seedlings to the snails/slugs and now there is some creature that paws my potted plants and digs them up and then leaves them. Chicken wire discourages them until eventually they get too tall, then, once uncovered, they get pawed again. We have a resident weasle and I think that is the culprit, but it could be the skunk that sprayed our dog on Saturday.Never had these problems when we lived in urban Berkeley!
    Your salad looks so delicious. Love that lettuce mix, even if not homegrown…and those delightful slivers of beet! Wonderful.

  3. I finally have my garden. It’s very small. A raised bed with one 8’X2′ section and two 6’X2′, U-shaped, planted with heirloom tomatoes, bush cukes, bush beans, a little dill and some peppers. Surrounded by a 5′ welded wire fence and a chain link gate because the deer here will eat anything. I’ll have to be covering my raspberries soon and have the mesh screening ready for the grapes.

    I feel for you.

    I’ll eat beets on just about anything and if I’d made a bigger garden, I’d have planted some.

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