Veal Scallops with Green Garlic and Capers; no pool yet — 9 Comments

  1. Easy can be good, especially when the results look this good.
    Pools, well, I don’t think they ever get easy. Once in they are still work but at least then there is some balance with enjoyment

    • We had one in the US – and had no desire to have another. But, if we want to sell this big place we need a pool…. It would be nice to be able to use it once or twice lol

  2. I still think that lake looks darned good 😉

    I managed when both of us worked, to get most meals down to 30 minutes or less. A bit more if I was baking frozen chicken breasts. We both got home after 6 and neither of us was willing to eat at 8 and turn around and go to bed. Now, when the days are long and I’m not working in the yard or busy in the house or have an appointment that takes all day, taking my time to cook is good. But those days are few and far between so those 30 minutes mainstays are still my fallbacks.

    • We always ate late – and now, after living on Spanish time for 7 years we eat even later…. I often don’t start cooking until 10:00

      • We used to eat later. Now, my reflux disease has gotten so bad, I need a couple hours before I can lay flat so we can’t eat that late anymore 🙁

        • Sigh…. I am not fond of the things we have to do to accommodate life’s changes, but we do it and adjust…. And then find a bright side, right?

  3. On days when we both work, I try to make meals that are quick and easy and we still end up eating around 8. But on the days that I”m off and on weekends, I occasionally make meals that take more prep and/or cook time. For example, last Sunday, I made a mixed berry galette with all the lovely fresh berries we have here in California. I do love the quick meals for most days, though, and this recipe is perfect.

    • I’m willing to take the extra time of a fresh berry anything….. But I usually do it in the afternoon so we can eat it with tea. I like desserts all by themselves lol

      • Actually, I made this in the morning so we could have it as our brunch. And yes, after all the extra effort, it’s better to have just that so we can savor every bite.