Bread Baking Babes griddle Singing Hinnies — 5 Comments

  1. To make the title more intelligible, I think you should have used the Old English spelling for “griddle”: Bread Baking Babes Girdle Singing Hinnies. That makes the title much clearer now, doesn’t it?

    (The heatwave has allegedly broken here but it’s possible that what’s left of my brain got addled – no AC here. But you knew that, didn’t you?)

    • That does make it so much more intelligible! Thanks, We don’t talk about heat and the lack of AC We just close the shutters and sit in the dark. Remind me again why I like summer?

  2. Somehow you gather us all up and we look so much better, Hinnies even.
    Between you and Elizabeth, griddle or gridle maybe it’s meringue we’re dealing with and the heat does have everybody addled … of wait it’s not been above 70 where I am.

      • Well, we aren’t in Texas that’s for sure. Central coast California and we get fog pretty much every morning and many days it last all day . 70 we haven’t seen for sometime … unless be drive 16 miles to San Luis Obispo where it was 80 yesterday.