German Potato Salad; it’s twins! — 4 Comments

  1. Actually I’m with you 100%. LOVE the twins story. We watch that kind of thing with total fascination. AND tomatoes! AND bacon with just about anything is over the top with me. Yes, tomato & bacon & potato & pickles!

  2. I have never had a warm/german style potato salad with pickles in it! Definitely trying this one since I love them sans pickles and I love pickles. 🙂

    I let my kids try everything food wise. When they were babies, they ate everything we did because I couldn’t see spending ridiculous amounts of money on baby food. They learned to love pretty much everything. Except lima beans. Thing Two refuses to eat lima beans…

    And I’m only mentioning this because…a cow’s gestation period is generally 270 to 285 days so they’re finagling before they get put up in the barn for the winter! 😉

    And I’m sorry if this posts twice, but I think Akismet is eating my comment…

    • Hmmm…. I must have seen it somewhere, and, loving pickles, decided it was a great idea. IMO i was right!

      Well, the bulls and cows are always together so I guess whenever the moon is full and the mood is right. There is always a range of babies with the herd I do love watching…. The babies, I mean,