German Summer Potato Salad; Félibrée 2018 — 7 Comments

  1. Oooh! This potato salad looks wonderful. What kind of potatoes? Does it matter? I usually use red ones because they’re waxy enough to hold up to salads and such.

    I love the pictures. They’re all so colorful 🙂

    • We don’t get ‘floury’ potatoes here so the red ones would work just fine. I think ours are closer to the Yukon gold that I used to get in the states. No bakers, sigh….

    • They usually leave them up all summer long so they have to be hardy…. And they really don’t much resemble flowers lol I hate plastic flowers normally, too

  2. The Félibrée was held in a small town 6km from us a couple of years ago.It was a very festive start to the summer season and apart from the garlands across the main street, most of the decorations were left up for months. They and a lot of costumes, were handmade by local people during the winter and spring months.

    • We try to go when it’s not too far away… but it’s always north of us somewhere. This time it was an hour. It is fun and I love the costumes, etc, But this year was HOT! One of the people in my French class belongs to one of the dance troupes so I always hear about it early on.

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