Salmon, Avocado, New Potato Salad; a bat and a mystery — 6 Comments

  1. You know, if that mutant squash tastes great, you might want to keep the seeds and develop your own line 🙂

    I got a bat house for my birthday this year. I’m still waiting for bats to come, but from everything I’ve read, it can take two or three years for them to find the house and set up a colony. I hope they come. Our county did road work two years ago and cut down most of the trees the bats used while they summered here. I haven’t seen many at all since then, so I’m really hoping they come back.

    • But even if it tastes fantastic, the seeds won’t produce the same thing next year – it will be a mutant from a mutant. A French friend told me how to get a bat out of the house: If it’s flying, open a window (I knew that) if it’s not flying, open a window, pick it up and throw it out. How simple! Apparently they are quite calm when picked up. Apparently they can’t take off easily if the are on the ground. Now I know!

  2. This salad looks fantastic. The avocados available to us here are iffy right now, but I bet it would be almost as good without avocado. I really like the idea of new potatoes, artichoke hearts, salmon and dill….

    ( I cannot believe that those dogs haven’t learned to check for bats before closing the shutters!
    Also, I am so envious of your mutant squash. I have zero mutant yellow zucchini – plenty of yellow zucchini male only blossoms though. And there has been only two striped zucchini that have developed – errrm, tried to develop – before dropping off the vine prematurely. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!)

  3. Our avocados are good – but nothing like the ones we picked in Spain….
    As to the squash – do you have bees? It sounds like the female flower isn’t getting pollinated. You could do it by hand…. Try not to get too excited by the prospect….