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Barbecued Chicken Thighs, II; the pool and a mystery — 8 Comments

  1. I’m guessing that someone hacked into the old wanadoo email and, since most of the passwords were probably simple, took over as many emails as possible not realizing it’s no longer an active service. Since the emails were being forwarded to you, one of two things are probably going to happen. Either you will no longer see any spam from the old wanadoo address, or the worst case scenario, the hacker will now increase the spam exponentially. However, you can usually set up a filter to exclude certain things such as adding *.wanadoo.fr to your block or delete list. That way, they’ll get stopped at the server and you won’t even see them.

    • Well, the spam has stopped, but I started getting ‘mail undeliverable’ notices so they are using it to spam others. They are tapering off, tho,. I had that happen with another account a few years ago I had 900 notices one day – and it was an account I was using. It happened for 2 or 3 days, then stopped and never again, This time I had 6, then 2 and today none What a waste of time

  2. The BBQ chicken, I’m with you all the way. Never have too much.
    Likewise the pool, looks grand! I’ll bring my suit.
    But wow oh wow that’s a convoluted mess with the emails … don’t think I want a part of that one.

  3. Wow! The pool looks fantastic! I particularly like the deck that will ensure way less grass from going into the pool to clog the filters.

    Of course there can never be too much barbecued chicken or too many recipes for barbecue sauce!