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Barbecued Ginger-Rosemary Roast Pork; bad food week — 6 Comments

  1. The pork loin or tenderloin is my favorite. You can season them for any cuisine and once chilled can be sliced for sandwiches without all the bad cold cut additives. My BF doesn’t even know he’s not getting unhealthy cold cuts

  2. Haven’t done a pork loin on the smoker yet, but there’s one in the freezer, just waiting.

    I don’t do packaged ranch dressing in anything. I also rarely use canned soup except for that one staple I can’t seem to get away from, Tomato Soup in the red can, with a grilled cheese. Anything else, I prefer to make my own sauce type things so I know how much salt and other things are actually in them. All that to say no, I haven’t tried anything ‘cracked’ yet…and I doubt I will.

    • So there really is such a thing as packaged Ranch Dressing….. I agree with the grilled cheese and tomato soup – except I now make my own and freeze it (the can not an option here)

  3. Yes ranch mix is the equivalent to the onion soup mix of the past! I have only ever had “cracked” foods at gatherings ( parties, pot lucks, funerals…so far no wedding but…) I think they are in response to people wanting flavor but not knowing or thinking they have time to create it themselves.
    That pork looks delicious

    • Basically packages of salt with a bit of something else…. I have a feeling I would be totally lost if I were at a US potluck. Here we get a lot of quiche lol Thanks – we were happy with the pork 😉