Beef, Chickpea and Feta Pasta Salad; walking a pig — 6 Comments

  1. This is a recipe I’ll definitely be trying, sans chickpeas. I’ll sub something else. I think I’ve mentioned my chickpea disaster in the past. I still can’t seem to eat them…

    My tomatoes are coming on! Yesterday, I canned 3 quarts of tomato ‘sauce’ and had half a quart that went in the fridge. I don’t have a food mill nor do I have the room required to peel the tomatoes so instead, I used a four sided food grater. I halved the tomatoes, cut the core out and then ran the halves over the large hole side of the grater. Worked like a charm! Simple, easy, all I was left with was the peel. If I start getting this many tomatoes next year, I’ll invest in a food mill, but for now, that worked perfectly. 🙂

    • I would use white beans – or kidney beans.Yay for the tomatoes. Mine have quit for the moment, Yesterday was the first day in 2 months that I came in with no tomatoes. I got 1 small yellow one today. I like to grate the tomato and toss it with hot pasta – instant, no-cook sauce, I do not have a food mill either,,,,

  2. Women blacksmiths were not unknown, and certainly women habitually worked in the forges. It was their responsibility to make the thousands of nails required.

    • They made the nails – I did not know that,,,, This was the first time I have seen a woman working in the forge at one of the fairs, I also saw, for the first time, a woman blowing glass. I know, historically, they did, but one just doesn’t see it often now.