Bread Baking Babes summer fun: Blueberry Coffee Cake — 7 Comments

  1. No blueberries where you are?! How tragic. (Aren’t myrtilles pretty much the same as blueberries?) If only I had known, I would definitely have sent you some of our coffee cake. But someone(s) ate it. The next one has your name on it.

    • Myrtilles are supposedly the same – but I think they are small and tasteless. I had the real thing in Minnesota! I know all about those nameless souls who eat all the good stuff when it’s not locked down!

      • Aha. I wondered. We’ve only once had myrtilles sauvages – in a dessert at a restaurant in France – the server was quite proud and suggested we should have the dessert because it was special to the region. We tasted it and thought – hey, these are like cultivated blueberries. The dessert was good…. But, I know what you mean. Once you’ve had the real thing, it’s just not the same. It’s like service berries here. Locals imagine that they’re the same as Saskatoon berries. But no. They are wrong. If they had ever tried Saskatoon berries, they would know.

        Oooh! If we could get hold of Saskatoon berries, THOSE would be good in the coffee cake….

  2. Ah, so sad! Nobody sent any! I have some left in the freezer, but somehow I don’t think it would cross the pond well. 🙁 You could always try another fruit! I was tempted to use some apricots with the rest of the dough…