Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Spice Bread; Bye bye bunnies :-( — 12 Comments

  1. So sad and cruel! Also, poisoning one species leads to the death of other species (that might ingest the poor bunnies. Rest in peace bunnies!

  2. OMG that’s horrible!! I would complain. Loud and long to any farmer who thought this was a good idea. Because it’s not just the bunnies that will die from this. Please watch your dogs carefully if they’re off leash. And any other animal that gets into whatever those monsters did will also die. This is neither effective or humane.

    I’m sorry, I understand nature, but monstrous cruelty is uncalled for.

    • I know that they had to go to The Powers That Be for permission to do whatever it is, so my complaints would fall on deaf ears = non-farmer that I am. They likely are doing everything properly. That doesn’t mean it’s not cruel.

  3. Heartsick indeed. Rabbit stew much kinder and not wasteful. I hope your girls will not eat them. My Jackie brings us her kills and catches. She never eats the rats that have been poisoned. Not so with birds, chameleons, avocados, and anything else that will give a good chase.

    • I think they were more interested in chasing the sick bunny than eating it. I don’t think they look at it as food. On the other hand there is not a safe plum anywhere!

  4. Please be sure the girls do not grab them,they could ingest ‘poison bunny’. !!!

  5. I’m heartsick. Not even chocolate chunk spice bread can take away the horror.

    The bunnies’ ends are devastating!! I keep trying to take comfort from the joyous synchronized bunny hopping that happened before the disgraceful culling. How can that even be legal?

    In the long run, it can’t be good for the crops either.

    • I will never get into the minds of French farmers…. I’m sure it is all being done quite properly – as the mayor was here overseeing it all, That doesn’t mean it was nice or humane or I have to be happy about it