Couscous Salad, Caprese-style; hot! — 6 Comments

  1. YAY for the pool!! Pictures??

    I’ve had couscous in my pantry forever and haven’t seen a good recipe to try it. I’ve never had it and have heard…things about it. So I think I’ll try this recipe since it has all of the other things I like 🙂

    • Pictures in the camera – coming soon lol Couscous is not the most flavorful thing in the world (like rice or pasta, I guess) but it is easy and lends itself to salads and such.

  2. I used to fill a large children’s molded plastic wading pool for my dogs when it got hot.

    • Our old dog used to love to play with the hose and lay under the sprinkler (we’d turn it on just for her). These are such scaredy dogs they wouldn’t do any of that. I have no idea why they are such wimps….

  3. I’m heading out of town tomorrow and really wasn’t in the mode to cook. Came across this recipe and surprisingly I had all the ingredients down to the mini mozzarella balls. Perfect summer dish! For the left overs tonight I have some Persian cucumbers, herbed feta and Greek olives I can change it up with. Maybe a little fresh mint. What a great and versatile recipe! The dressing is spot on! Thank you from saving me from a fast food lunch and dinner.

    • Glad to be of help! And I love the cucumber, feta, and mint idea. Greek olives go in most salads at our house. Must put cucumbers on my shopping list. Sadly, I can’t grow them here. I’ve tried and they are always bitter.