Grilled Dijon Burgers with Onions; the pool — 4 Comments

  1. I like this flavor combo. Since my husband perfers turkey burgers, I would probably try this with turkey. I find turkey burgers bland, so having some new seasoning ideas is always helpful for me.

    Maybe the bunnies don’t want bad breath so they leave the onions alone?

    Pool envy! Having a heat wave in NY and need a bit more time in the water.

  2. Yay for the pool!

    I have a non-stick perforated pan for the grill. I do veggies, salmon, shrimp, anything I like grilled without having it fall through into the fire. Been there. Had to toss everything. Husband isn’t always the neatest turning things.

    I’m still waiting for my tomatoes! I have a feeling they’re never going to turn red 🙁

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