Oyster Chicken Breasts; state of the potager — 4 Comments

  1. I do that too. Buy something that I’m told is impossible to find just so I’ll have it, even if I never use it.

    Your squash plants look like my cukes. I have lots, I mean LOTS of new blooms, but the plant doesn’t look like it could support them so who knows what will happen. And my tomatoes must be in communication with yours!

    I harvested a bucket full of grapes yesterday. I didn’t know that the tiny purple ones are champagne grapes. I am not making champagne. I cooked them all down, strained them and squoze the cheesecloth out and will try making jam with them. I have neither the inclination or desire to make wine. Which you can use to make jam which I wasn’t aware of until I started looking for instructions on how to make jam from your own grapes!

    • We had table grapes at our last house – along with 500 vines of wine grapes. We made wine…. lots of it. I made juice with the table grapes, but, mostly we just ate them…..

  2. Too funny – I hoard hard to come by food items also ’cause once it’s used, it’s gone. But I agree, what’s the point of buying it in the first place if you’re not going to enjoy it! Joining you in rehabilitation!

    • I used to bring back tins of green chilies from the US – and then they would sit in the cabinet until they were past their use by date… At which time I used them quickly. I finally stopped lol