Sesame Chicken Cabbage Salad; the Glorious Twelfth — 8 Comments

  1. Happy Belated Birthday!! I saw your post yesterday, but didn’t sit until late last night. I hope the evening brought a nice, quiet, relaxing time with some wine 🙂

    Today, I canned banana peppers. I thought, oh…it will take me an hour or so. I only have three or four jars worth. Did you know it takes just as long for three or four as it does for a dozen or more? *sigh*

    • Thank you – it was a lovely evening. And I know all about canning – and thinking I can get something done in half the time because…. (fill in reason here) I’ve peeled enough tomatoes in recent weeks I should have the timing down – still think I can do it more quickly than I ever have lol

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