Summer Squash Salad; and then there was one — 8 Comments

  1. I’m sure they’re using poison. That many bunnies with the same problem? The other thing that bothers me about it all is one we’ve been experiencing here as well. The bunny eats the poison. Doesn’t show any effects for a day or two. A raptor sees the bunny and takes it back to its nest for its own food or its baby raptors. Now, not only have you poisoned the bunnies, you’ve wiped out an entire predator family which, if nature works right, is what keeps the bunnies in check to begin with. I’m sorry. It makes me extremely angry.

    I’m getting some tomatoes now. I had enough for tomato sauce two nights ago. For two. Not enough to can of course, but they’re starting. I don’t think I’ll be planting anymore peppers except for green ones anymore though. I can’t give them away and the banana peppers I canned, while good, needed a touch of sugar which was not in the recipe I’d used.

  2. I’m pretty sure it’s the myxomatosis…. I’m also pretty sure that they introduced it. It’s a man-made virus that only affects rabbits and is not harmful to other species. It’s spread by fleas. It’s also very cruel and hard to control once started. It was developed to control the rabbits in Australia…. who were introduced be humans. We are such a screwed up species lol
    Glad your tomatoes are finally ripening! I never had much luck with peppers – and what I did get was all at once, so I gave up.
    My tomatoes are pausing at the moment, but there are lots of new, small ones for fall. Yay!

  3. Your post reminded me of a friend who had this sick little book of cartoons of bunny suicides. Some examples can be found here

    I had a similar dish of “zucchini carpaccio” in Italy that was a similar concept. I’m not a fan of squash, but I ate that up pretty quickly, especially when sprinkled liberally with parmiggiano reggiano. It’s a nice refreshing salad when you don’t know what else to have for a vegetable in the heat of summer.

    • We used to have a book – 101 Uses for a Dead Cat. Somehow it seemed funnier then…. Call it carpaccio and it just sounds better lol So does eating it in Italy.

  4. It will never cease to amaze me the lengths that people will go to to justify their actions. While I understand that the bunnies are very destructive to crops, there must be a more humane way to deal with them! Making up stories about invisible traps they are using to cull the bunnies is certainly not the answer.

    When I saw “and then there was one” with “summer squash salad”, it made me think that you have just one zucchini squash left (is that a zucchino??) after making this salad, which sounds delicious. I have high hopes that I might be able to make it with my very own homegrown zucchini squash. I planted two kinds: yellow and striped. All of the plants have been flowering like crazy – with male flowers. But. We just noticed that one of the striped squashes has appeared! So far it is pencil thin. Maybe, just maybe, it will turn into an actual squash. If the raccoons don’t notice it first….

    • And if you don’t watch it closely it will become a giant lol. I plant 4 different varieties, This year the white and yellow did very well, which is what you seen in the salad (the white is a pale green) They are both long and skinny, I also planted a mottled green and a green strip which are more round and good for stuffing – they only produced a few. As to why? (insert Gaelic shrug)
      We are no longer talking about bunnies. I do catch and release for the mice that get in the house lol