Acorn Squash with Shallots and Walnuts; Do you cruise? — 8 Comments

  1. *sigh* I really wish sometimes that I liked squash. This looks good!

    I have no desire to do any kind of ocean cruise with the exception of maybe, maybe an Alaskan cruise. You follow the west coast of the US and Canada. You’re never out of sight of land and the ships are smaller. I’d love to do the Danube River cruise, but first, I’d have to get there.

    • Don’t you like to fly? I think river cruises are fantastic. We took the ‘mail boat’ down the coast of Norway and that was great… Not overnight, but in and out of the fjords. I also would like to do the Alaska cruise.

  2. We went on a cruise for my son’s destination wedding. He was married on the ship with 36 of his friends and family. We paid extra for an excursion into the Puerto Rican forest on horses at night. It was pitch black and we all wore necklaces with a chemical that lights up. The view of the circles moving along in the night was worth the price of admission.
    We would like to take a cruise to Alaska and then board a train to complete the trip into Alaska. It is a package deal. We live at the Jersey shore so it is a long trip for us but is definitely on our bucket list.

    • Wow! the wedding and excursion sounds fantastic! Certainly very memorable. A night ride in the rain forest…. very cool. And the Alaska cruise / train sounds wonderful too. So many trips yet to take… Sigh…

  3. We have cruised several times over the years. I like to call it a moving hotel. It’s fun to go to dinner, turn in for the night and wake up in a different city ready for you to explore.