Grilled Pork Tenderloin ‘Saltimbocca’; a sunset — 13 Comments

  1. 8AM firewood delivery! I HATE early morning deliveries. Hope you can “supervise” from a window, in your jammies and robe and coffee/tea!

  2. Lovely recipe. I have a tenderloin in the freezer that I’ll use this recipe for this week!

    It’s gotten cooler here as well so today for me, it’s sour cream banana bread. Last night, I did bacon in the oven. I haven’t turned my oven on most of this summer unless the AC was on (I hate AC by the way).

    Our wood was delivered over a month ago. Husband was picking away at it but got the deal of the century on a used tractor last week so all the makeshift ways he’s been using for a couple years to load the wood (sometimes, three feet across or more) onto the trailer to feed it to the splitter can be done with the tractor. So much easier on his back and not nearly as worrisome for me that something will fall on him.

    • Ours comes split, which is nice, but a meter long so husband has to cut it into thirds to fit our stove, But he usually manages to find a tree somewhere to cut up and haul home for the big fireplace. Which he then has to split – by hand lol. More good exercise. In the US we use to rent a splitter for a day. No such option here

    • I imagine there will come a time when he’ll start ordering his wood split. For now, he still likes to do it himself. So much so that the three or four full cords we get every year finally got him to buy his own splitter!

    • I had a greater appreciation of roaring fires in the fireplace before we started relying on them for heat lol But, yes, I still do enjoy them and would miss it

  3. I love saltimbocca. I usually make it with chicken myself since I’m not fond of veal and I don’t use cheese. Since I also love cheese and pork, I really am digging this variation.

    I went from late summer heat waves to hurricanes on my side of the pond. Summer is still working on its last gasps. Even with the warm weather still likely to linger another week or two (or three or who knows how many more in this crazy world?) I am still seeing turning leaves and shorter days. I’m never ready for winter when it comes.

    • I know what you mean – all of a sudden it’s dark for my morning walks with the dogs and I wasn’t ready for that. And, like you, it’s still hot here. Such a strange end of summer, but it seems like it;s all strange now. lol