Linguine with Shrimp & Bacon; pool update — 12 Comments

    • Lucky indeed. I have a friend who’s spouse spends all day, every day online, doing nothing, while their house falls down around them. It would drive me crazy. But then, she doesn’t cook either lol

  1. I have a question and if it’s too personal, please don’t hesitate to say so but…are you both retired there now? Just wondering.

    And in my opinion, you can never have a big enough deck. Ours is ten feet wide and that’s about three to four feet too skinny to actually have a nice conversation area. Our front porch runs the length of the house so is 40 feet long but at least the previous owners made it 10 feet wide so, while we can’t really do a conversation area there, and who would since it’s a front porch, the same can’t be said about the back. In the front, we have a couple rockers and a rocking three person ‘seat’ but in the back, I have one, two-person couch and two chairs, all wicker and all made for the outdoors and we’re sitting on top of each other in a 10 X 10 area. It’s frustrating. So enjoy that soon to be deck in a nice big size. 🙂

    As to the bacon, I don’t use it often but yes, in some things, it just makes the taste so much better. We had chopped bacon/cabbage/onion tonight with our pork chops and it was excellent.

    • Technically, yes, we are retired…. but I have the blog and 2 websites, and the hubs has his lawn-care business…. I don’t think we have the right genes to actually quit working lol. In MN we had 2 big screened in porches (mosquitoes) Here the deck is perfect – and bigger than I had expected lol
      Always put bacon with the cabbage…