Tomato Zucchini Gratin; cleaning the woods — 10 Comments

  1. I would rather ‘clean’ anything outside than clean the inside of my house. There’s a reason I always wanted Samantha Stevens’ skills 😉

    I tried making tomato preserves Monday. I used a few heirloom tomatoes and shouldn’t have. They’re juicier than my big red ones and I just couldn’t get it to set so we’ll use it for pancake syrup but hooeey! It is absolutely TASTY!!! I’ll make it again with a cup less regular tomatoes, I think. There just wasn’t enough pectin to compensate.

    • Working in the sunshine (or clouds or rain) outside is always preferable.
      I’ve never tried making tomato preserves…. Must try that next year! I love anything tomato…. Of course I’d have to figure how to get pectin…. For jams here all I’ve seen is ‘Gelsuc’ which is a sugar with pectin added, specifically for fruit preserves. I would not want that for tomatoes – it’s really sweet. I’ll have to ask my French friend….

  2. There’s no pectin in the recipe, but because the heirlooms are much juicier, the natural pectin couldn’t compensate. There is sugar! It’s like a sweet, spicy, in this case syrup, but it would be great on plain bagels, toast, cream cheese…if I could have gotten it to set. I do think also, next time I try it, I’ll wrap the peels in a cheesecloth bag and toss that in while their simmering also. There’s a Lot of pectin in the peels and in hindsight, that might have been just what I needed. 🙂

    • Thanks for the link. I had no idea there was natural pectin in tomatoes – or, at least, not enough to be useful. There are recipes in my Moroccan cookbook that call for tomato jam – I bet this would be it. My tomatoes are producing again, If I get enough I’ll try it, I wonder if I could freeze it,,,, I’m not going to get out all of the large, complicated equipment needed to can,,,, That is so much easier in the US lol

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