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Chicken Paprikash; learn and learn again — 4 Comments

  1. I only have smoked paprika. Do you think that would work well in this?

    I have to admit, I also am lazy and use the autofocus but I do know that it doesn’t always work in the house either. It will under the LED lights we use in a couple places and won’t in others so I set it to the A/M (? can’t remember) so I can use it either auto or manual.

    • I actually used smoked paprika… which is technically sweet because it is not hot…. if that makes sense.
      I’ve been taking food photos in the same place with the same lights for a few years and it stopped working so I know it’s a camera problem, not a lighting or lens problem. But who am I to tell that to the expert repair person ?!?
      Nikon for Dummies is at my side – I’m learning lol

    • I’ve heard of it but never used it… It just leaves no history or cookies or cache on your browser. I don’t ever look at anything that clandestine lol