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Mushroom, Chard and Cheese Bars — 6 Comments

  1. I wish I could take the bay leaves!

    I took a good, hard look at my grapevines this week. They need pruned so badly, I’m almost tempted to hard prune them to the main stalks and see if they’ll start again. I probably wouldn’t get fruit for a year, maybe two, but holy crow, they’re bad. I was never able to get to them until I quit working so they went at least four years without a prune and who knows how much longer before we bought the place.

    Pruning is such a satisfying feeling when you’re done though, isn’t it?

    And you bet I’ll be doing this recipe. This is right up my alley!

    • I wish I could send bay leaves but I doubt they would make it past postal inspection,,,
      As to the grapes – we had table grapes (as well as a vineyard) at our last house and I cut everything off but 3 or 4 branches, and cut those back maybe half. We had grapes every year. That’s what my French neighbor told me to do lol

  2. I love everything about these bars and thinking they would also make a great grab-n-go breakfast or a light lunch with a salad. Definitely going to make these. Yes, on the bay leaves, haha.

    • They would be good for breakfast…. Why didn’t I think of that!
      I toss branches of bay leaves into the fire place – nice scent for the house.