Potato Mushroom Timbales; pool update — 6 Comments

  1. pool deck looks wonderful! The oval part looks great!

    My DH plans/works the same way. It never quite “matches” but the finished product is wonderful! and there’s often a lot of cussing during the “fussy” part!!

    • Ah, yes…. there may have been strong words during the fussy bits….. I usually do the initial design – know full well that he will modify it to what works best, And it always looks great

  2. You know, I still have this recipe from the first time you posted it! And they are yummy!

    And the deck looks wonderful. We have to redo ours next year, the boards are twisting because they’re so old. I keep trying to talk him into making it just a wee bit bigger, like 12 feet wide rather than 9-1/2. So far, I’m losing but I have a few months to go. It would definitely be nice to put more than a couple chairs out without sitting on top of each other.

    • I changed blog platforms a few years ago and some of the earlier posts didn’t make the transfer well. As I run across them I redo them. I am not at all complaining that it’s bigger than expected… I’m both surprised and happy. There were long discussions about it…..