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Pumpkin Gratin; eating hamburgers and the pool — 10 Comments

    • I have! We (I) used it quite a bit in August when I had to climb a ladder both ways,,,, Then the nights started getting cold which means the water started getting too cold. Next year we’ll get a solar heater, I admire it often, tho

  1. Ahh, but then it will be ready to go at the start of next summer. There is a good chance you will be able to use that lovely deck on sunny winter days. We discovered a sunny corner where we have can have the odd coffee and lunch outside through out the year in our corner of France.

    I have noted the recipe. One of our neighbours huge Courge de Provence is ripening on our side of the hedge and he has given it to us.I have never tried to cook that variety.

    • Nice that he gave it to you…. It could have just disappeared lol. The deck will be usable on warm days. It’s actually too hot out there for most of the summer. Of course, now that there is a pool….

  2. Looking good! I’d need rails on those stairs though. 🙁

    I can’t imagine eating a burger any other way than with my hands! Using utensils is…sacrilege!

    • He hasn’t decided yet…. I’m thinking not. We don’t need to worry about it being uncovered as it’s not accessible to wandering critters. And there aren’t any trees close to make a mess lol