Sausage and Basil Quiche, Potato Crust; state of the pool — 6 Comments

  1. Lovely quiche, but I’d have to change half of it based on what’s available here 🙁

    The decking is awesome!! It’s just beautiful. Truly. It’s going to be so nice next year to have friends over and sit out looking at your million dollar view. You’ll be glad of its size then!

    I pulled the tomato plants from the garden. The hard frost had hit and what tomatoes were left that I’d hoped would turn a bit more before being picked had turned transparent from the frost so into the compost bags they went, plant, fruit and all. So did the pepper plants whose peppers turned the same transparent color.

    I watched a special on that residential cruise ship a couple years ago. If I had the money, I could do that for a year or two. Wonderful way to see part of the world in true comfort!

    • I am very happy with the deck. I even went out this afternoon, in the fading sunshine, sat on the steps on stared at the cows for a bit lol
      I could see spending a year or 2 on that ship. The staterooms look enormous – at least from the shore….

    • The ones I’ve been to in the US were great, but here they’re more like designer show rooms than outlet stores. I don’t think they have gotten the idea quite right lol

    • Well…. I would have been ripped off if I’d bought anything available at the supermarkets, but I only bought things one can’t buy anywhere else. The regular chocolates I wait for the buy 2 get the 3rd free sales lol