Stuffed Delicata Squash; change can happen — 8 Comments

  1. I was in Sweden a few weeks before the change over. Everyone was driving with their headlights on during the day which wasn’t the norm then. Cars did not warn you if you’d left the headlights on as you got out.
    I seem to remember the also had a reduced speed limit but my father was driving the camper, not me. Having come from Zambia and studied in the UK, driving on the left was normal for me.

    • I was so amazed when I learned that they did that. Really, anything (almost) is possible. We lived in Ireland for a year. I was never a comfortable driver lol

  2. I subscribe to a local farm co-op. Every 3 weeks I get a box of vegetables (and/or fruits, my choice). I like getting seasonal vegetables I wouldn’t have thought to buy at the grocery store. In the fall last year, I got my very first ever delicata squash. We loved the slightly sweet taste, especially when roasted. It’s our new favorite winter squash now, too!

    • We were lucky to get so many. I love the idea of farm co-ops. They weren’t invented yet when we lived in the US. Now I have to grow my own. I may have over-planted this year 🙂