Cranberry Walnut Clafoutis; dealing with the obtuse — 4 Comments

  1. Did I mention I’ve taken to watching Canada’s news so I don’t have to watch ours? Because I’ve had that same conversation with my bank and also understand the A/B/C…

    I love, love, love cranberries! Buy them by the bag fresh in season and toss the bag in the freezer so this one is a must make for me.

    • The very first year I saw cranberries here they were Ocean Spray, in the bag. I have not seen them since, The ones i buy are from Wisconsin, but from a supplier I’ve never heard of and come in little baskets of 8 oz. I usually buy the entire display, – all 8 baskets, which gives me 4 lbs to work with for the holidays. I buy more if / when I see them lol Cranberry bread (6 loaves) sauce, clafoutis, more sauce, cookies, etc.
      And people ask me what they are for lol
      Dried cranberries, however, are very popular here.
      Conversations with people who cannot connect the dots is sooooo frustrating.

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