Crisp Sautéed Sunchokes; forgotten vegetables — 4 Comments

  1. I dug all of my sunchoke plants up and tossed them this year. Between how overgrown they were and that they were taking over, I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

    • I like them, but I don’t think I like them well enough to grow them. I don’t think I would want a cellar full of them along with my cellar full of

  2. During the sanction years in Rhodesia, we ate what was produced locally and I can remember tinned Jerusalem artichokes and tinned mulberries. The former were a stock item in our pantry alongside baked beans and sweetcorn but I relied on my Aunt for a supply of fresh mulberries which I froze because they had a short season. I grew my own sunchokes in South Africa – once you had them in the garden, you couldn’t get rid of them but they were very useful.

  3. I’ve never seen the plants or the seeds here so I have no idea if the ones I buy are local or not, I can’t imagine them tinned, but they were unheard of when I was a child, I had my share of tinned peas, beans and corn. Can’t abide the tinned versions now lol