Kitchen Essentials for Hassle Free Food Prep

I may have mentioned in the past my propensity for buying new kitchen gadgets, using them once (or twice) and then forever losing them in the hidden corners of the pantry.

It doesn’t always happen that way…. Just often enough that my desire for something new involves some serious discussions.

I have a lovely food processor that I bought around 2008. I used it once or twice.

I rediscovered it about 2 years ago in the back recesses of deep cabinet. I got it out, cleaned it up, and used it once.

My slow cooker, on the other hand, got used so often that I bought another, smaller one. I use them both at lease once every week.

My blender gets used regularly, I will cry when it breaks.

Now I am coveting an InstantPot.

Personally, I enjoy cooking so I use equipment that makes food better rather than makes food prep easier. I can’t make fall-apart tender Pork with Mushrooms without my slow cooker. I can chop onions without a food processor.

For those who dislike cooking or don’t have a lot of time the equipment that speeds up the prep is wonderful. Plus there is some really great high-tech stuff available.

Here is another Guest Post giving info on the latest and greatest cooking helpers.

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Kitchen Essentials Which Make Food Prep Hassle Free

It seems that a month doesn’t go by where there’s not a new shiny and state-of-the-art must-have kitchen appliance to buy. Forbes reports that the global food technology market will exceed $250 billion by 2022 as kitchen enthusiasts rush to buy gadgets that make the food preparation and cooking process easy. However, when it comes to preparing a tasty chicken main course or a bean and ham soup, what appliances are worth splashing your cash on?

Crucial equipment

Preparation is key when it comes to cooking delicious and satisfying meals for your family each and every day. A weekly menu including slow-cooked honey soy chicken, grilled tuna and pesto and a cobb salad requires plenty of fresh ingredients. Therefore, you’ll need ample storage space to safely keep your ingredients fresh. In France, 10 billion tons of food waste is created each year. But by investing in a super-size and high-quality fridge and freezer, you’ll be able to store all of the produce you’ve spent out on. A combined fridge-freezer is ideal if you’re limited on space. Otherwise, prep like a pro and opt for a deep chest freezer and tall larder refrigerator.

Small appliances

Sales of food preparation machines have grown by 9.3% in France in recent years. A slow cooker is a must have as it allows you to cook a variety of dishes, such as coq au vin with very little effort. Kitchen scales are another essential as they ensure that you’re using the correct amount of ingredients in every dish. Therefore, there won’t be any cooking disasters happening in your kitchen. It’s best to opt for digital scales as these provide an exact measurement. Other small appliances that make food preparation a whole lot easier include fryers, food processors and microwaves. Before you fork out for all these products, make sure you consider your financial situation. Borrowing cash is one way to fill your kitchen will all the equipment you need to embrace your cooking passion. And, by doing this, you’ll be able to create delightful dishes effortlessly, while keeping on top of your repayments.

Helpful tools

France is renowned for its helpful kitchen gadgets that make food preparation fun, enjoyable and effortless. Herb shears are a tool which you’ll use time and time again. You’ll particularly utilize them when preparing traditional French dishes such as potato gratin with herbs and garlic where you need to finely chop up lots of fresh herbs. Measuring cups are another necessity in any kitchen, especially when you’re regularly cooking American recipes as you won’t have to waste time converting measurements.

Nifty gadgets

To truly make cooking an exciting and simplistic task, you can pick up a number of quirky yet useful gadgets. In France, dedicated croissant heaters are a great tool for those looking to heat up their favorite breakfast treat. However, a gadget that’s slightly more useful to own is a smart knife sharpener which ensures your kitchen knives are sharp at are times. According to The National Hospital Ambulatory Care Hospital, most kitchen-related injuries involving a knife are due to a blunt blade. And, as nutritious and tantalizing meals require lots of fresh meat and vegetables, a sharp knife is an absolute must.

Cooking has never been easier thanks to the large array of kitchen equipment available to budding chefs. But to ensure you’re not over cramping your kitchen with gadgets and spending more than you need to on appliances, it’s wise to consider these essential items on your next shopping trip.

Last update on March 1, 2019

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