Meal Kit Review… Now I know — 6 Comments

  1. No delivery of anything here and if there were it would not be good enough to want it. Have you tried those cute pizza machines we saw on the road? As much as I love that Siri can get me to places when I drive, I can’t imagine running my home electronically. Your rural life and mine seem about the same.

    • No, the cute little pizza machine disappeared right around the time we were finally going to try it. No delivery of anything here, either. Oh, wait…. I forgot, there is a bread truck that delivers fresh baguettes twice a week. This is France, after all lol
      We’re just grateful that the internet works most of the time – having everything connected would be way too much.

  2. I tried Blue Apron for a few weeks. The problem I find with any of them, because they’re pretty much all the same, is they’re really geared for people who don’t cook much. I’m a ‘fly by the seat’ kind of cook. I’ve been cooking longer than most of the people who own these meal kit companies have been around. I’m not one to mise in place. I know the timing of things and while one thing is cooking, I’m chopping and prepping other things. The meal kits have you do all your prep up front and then follow the printed instructions on when to add what. While that’s a wonderful thing for people who don’t cook often, I found it slowed me down and I couldn’t get a rhythm going. It was frustrating. And a bit uncomfortable. And because the recipes are things that in most cases, I hadn’t specifically cooked before, I just didn’t care for it. But! That’s me! Obviously there are many, many people who love them.

    And I’ve been MIA because I’ve been really sick since Thanksgiving. It’s that time of year. Here we go again…

    • I would be the same…. what are you supposed to do while stuff cooks if you’re not prepping for the next step? Stand and watch? I was just thinking have stuff delivered would be nice lol
      I hope you are feeling better.

  3. One of my children took the delivery service Reduction Diet style option to kickstart weight loss and was very happy with the offerings..each to hid own I say !!!