Tomato Spinach Soup; dogs of winter — 6 Comments

    • It’s been the same routine for 7 years. I didn’t think dogs memories were that good lol. They don’t remember other things…. like ‘Stay’

  1. Since we lost our red dobe in July, our blue dobe has become the world’s biggest chicken! He’ll bark, bark, bark at the crows, the chickens next door, the leaves, the rain, anything a normal dog would bark at but let there be a loud noise or some kind of commotion like oh…we’re trying to finish putting down our hardwood floors, and he’s terrified! Consequently, he goes nowhere in the house that I am not. And he’s stuck to me, literally stuck to me, wherever I am. It’s getting a bit tiresome at this point and I never realized how much of his courage he got from our other dog, but holy cow! I can either yell at him or pet him. Yelling at him only makes things worse so guess what I too am doing most of my day…

    • I hadn’t realized you lost one so recently…. That’s hard for everyone to deal with. Guapa has developed a lot of fears in the last year. It started with the crop canon going off next to the house for a week in June and has just gotten worse. I dread the day when we lose one, but I don’t think the other will be far behind. They are so dependent on each other. And on me in the winter.

    • I keep telling them I’m the alpha…. and they keep ignoring me. They only time they listen to me is when I have treats in my hand. They have me well-trained there, too lol