Viennese Striesel — 11 Comments

  1. You certainly have been a baking fool! 😉

    Did you do something for Thanksgiving? I’ve been so busy, I couldn’t check in. I was in the kitchen for 36 hours only to have it all gone in 20 minutes. And the carnage… *sigh* But I did a lot of food. Christmas Eve will be easy. Standing rib roast, sauteed mushrooms, salad and a dessert. Much easier than fifteen dishes full of stuff on Thanksgiving!

    • I used to do a standing rib roast (with Yorkshire pudding) when we lived in the US, but I can’t find the good beef or that cut here. We went to an American friend for T-Day. They rented a gite for a few months and decided to do Thanksgiving – traditional midwest dinner except it was chicken instead of turkey. No turkey here until just before Christmas.
      You must have had a full house. I remember those days….

  2. I remember seeing this as a reader and thinking that the four strands looked daunting…and turned out awesome. What you do as the BBB round-up Babe is very much appreciated.