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3 Steps to Making Healthy Popcorn — 6 Comments

  1. I admit, I am a useless fribble when it comes to making popcorn. We toss a bag of microwave popcorn in and have at it. Might not be so healthy, but we so very rarely eat it that I’m not too worried. When I was a kid, popcorn on the stove was the only option, but I’m too lazy now.

    I like caramel corn, once in awhile, but just sweet does not appeal to me at all.

    • My father made popcorn on the stove every Fri. night in winter. We have it now, maybe, once a year. but I still love it. My mother made caramel corn for Christmas every year. Me? Never….

  2. We like to pop it the old fashioned way in Olive Oil. Then we add melted butter, salt and brewers yeast.
    Best way to mix it is by placing in a large paper grocery bag. One person shakes the open bag while the other person dribbles in the butter and then addsthe salt and the yeast flakes. A healthy alternative to butter and salt is to use ‘Braggs Liquid Aminos’ and brewers yeast.