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Bacon and Leek Spaghetti; It’s No Joke — 6 Comments

  1. What a great project. My last interaction with a homeless person, in central Tours, was also an occasion for big smiles all round. We both enjoyed the encounter and I thought he was an interesting man. And yes, I gave him some money, although he wasn’t begging, and he bought a sandwich.

    • I have never seen a homeless person here, although there is a shelter and a very active food bank. I was impressed with this project,… and the people

  2. I saw that picture. I agree with you. It’s one thing to post and another to act. I’m fortunate where I live that we have a wonderful, giving community. It’s very rare that someone’s need isn’t met by one or more in our area. I’m happy to be involved.

    I love leeks, but this time of year, there’s very little of the leek that’s actually usable. They’re tough and overlarge and…ugh. I’d like to try growing them next year, as well as ramps. I think that would make a beautiful saute over pasta 🙂

    • And this is our prime time for leeks. They’re planted in winter and harvested now through early spring. They’re easy to grow – here. I would like to try ramps. too. May have to add that to my list.
      It’s nice to be able to be involved…. I try here, but the French seem to take care of their own without wanting outsiders.