Beef and Spinach Lasagne, II; dog help — 6 Comments

  1. I am surprised you can get the no cook noodles in your part of the world. I have never had the courage to try them.

    • It really is strange what we can get here… no-cook noodles have been around forever, pastry (puff pastry, phyllo, etc,) is always fresh, never frozen, but Hamburger Helper (or equivalent)? Absolutely not!!!
      I like them – very handy and so much quicker. But one does have to make sure there is adequate liquid and the noodles are covered

  2. Love your recipes for two… we are the same… and those fur babies are great…Pretty sure Finn would have a blast with your girls…

    • It would be a lovely sight to see them all racing around playing. Finn reminds me of their brother, Ghengis, who made my girls look tiny,,,
      Glad you like the recipes 🙂

  3. I just use regular noodles the way you would the no cook. They’re much less expensive, at least here and really no difference. I haven’t found any.

    Blasphemy it may be, but I use cottage cheese with eggs, chives, salt and pepper mixed in. Husband hates ricotta with a passion. I have no idea why, so the cottage cheese is it. But I do use provolone rather than the standard mozzarella. Gives a bit of a smokey flavor which is quite nice.

    Love the dog butts!! 😉

    • I have no choice about the cottage cheese – doesn’t exist here, which is too bad because I love it. Provolone would be good – I wonder if I can find that. We have lots of good, stinky cheeses which I love – and use… but no one else would
      My girls have nice butts!