Pumpkin Gratin, II; accidental vegan version — 2 Comments

  1. I use uBlock Origin and have gotten so used to it working, sometimes I forget about it when functionality on a site is impaired. I hate to do that to blogs I frequent, but I got so tired of having to wait up to a minute or more for all the overlays and screaming ads and things to finish loading. I also can’t handle the ads that flash or are video or are moving in any way. They tend to trigger my migraines, so those are stopped before they start. I also have everything turned off on Facebook for the same reason. I don’t have a problem with static ads as long as there aren’t as many or more ads than content, but I know that often, it’s the hosting company that inserts the ads rather than letting the blogger have complete control anymore.

    • I don’t want those on my blog, but my problem is, with my IP address, I don’t see many ads, and the ones I do behave properly. I’ve never seen a video ad on my site buy other people have. It makes it very hard to regulate it when I am clueless. Or should I say more clueless….