Sausage & Butternut Squash Phyllo Pie; devious electric meters — 6 Comments

  1. We’ve had the communicating meter for almost a year. Even though the meter was read every month by one of their employees (I insisted – no theoretical usage every other month) our bill went up by 25%. I know my usage isn’t any more than the previous year and mine didn’t go up as much as some who have been forced to use the meter. Theirs went up by 100%. So keep your old readings and keep an eye on your new ones. They’ll tell you if you call to question that it’s no longer possible to have any mistakes because ‘it’s all electronically read,’ which is BS. The meters are only as accurate as the people who program them and who knows if they’re programmed to give the electric company the upper hand…

    Sorry, ongoing rant…

    Happy New Year!!

    • I’ve heard other stories. I read the meter most months and reported it myself. A technician came round once or twice a year to read it for the company. We can watch the light blink with our usage…. Fancy! We shall see.
      Happy New Year to you (late)

  2. Oh that pie is divine, just my sort of thing . And re the electric usuage meters…well I have zero idea how they measure it here in Morocco. I think some type of meter for each apartment lives in a cupboard in the foyer of the building but as long as the price remains at around 36 euros a month then I cannot complain….or does that sound like a lot ???

    • Oh, my no…. that is not a lot. At least not compared to French prices, It’s one of those things that is quite expensive here (to offset so much that is cheap) As long as it works….

  3. This looks wonderful! And it’s reminding me of a dish I used to get at an Egyptian restaurant – alas, the restaurant has been closed for eons. She called her dish “Charlotte” and, as I recall, the filling inside the puff pastry was layered eggplant, peppers, tomato, onion, and???

    It was fabulous. I WISH I had the recipe. In the meantime, I will take comfort in your sausage and butternut squash pie.

    • I first saw this on a ‘North African’ cooking show (British – they’re always so politically correct) I promptly forgot the recipe and couldn’t find the right pastry, but there you have it. I’m happy with mine lol