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Seared Scallops with Browned Shallots; sore paws and natural beauty — 4 Comments

    • Thanks ! And Guapa’s toe is retracting into the left bit of nail so she is doing better. I talked to the Vet and she said there wasn’t anything to do but wait and watch….

  1. Some in the U.S. automatically cut off the double-dew claws. We fostered a Great Pyrenees who’d had this done; the scars from the surgery were visible on him. We think that’s torture, since it can lead to neurological problems like perpetual pain or those “ghost limbs” that amputees feel. But when it happens naturally, there’s nought to be done with it. Poor Guapa!

    When we have to bandage one of the dogs, it’s an intellectual and physical contest between our understanding of the dog’s need to be healed and the dog’s understanding of the need to be rid of that irritant.

    I like scallops more than ma femme, so when they’re cooked it’s just more for me.

    • My Saint Bernards’ in the US all had their dew-claws removed when they were very little puppies so I thought it was a standard practice…. like docking tails or ears. None of that is done here. When I asked the vet about it he was so appalled I thought he was going to take the puppies away from me and give them to a proper owner. It did take a bit of adjustment to see Doberman’s with floppy ears and long tails lol