Stir-fried Shrimp with Brown Mushrooms; they’re winning — 8 Comments

  1. YUM!!! This looks excellent!

    My dog wants to be petted, regardless of my mood. Not always a good idea…

    Did you turn the high contrast on in the operating system or in the WordPress environment? I didn’t know WordPress could do that. Hmmmm…

    • Usually mine are the same…. They must have sensed particularly high frustration,

      No it was in Win 10 – keyboard shortcut accidentally mis-typed…. It was a convoluted fix that took all of 5 seconds once I googled it and found the right answer (which took 15 minutes). I never would have thought of it myself…. It was so simple – too simple lol

  2. If it’s any consolation, whatever you’ve done has improved the layout of your blog at my end. It used to have large pointless spaces and odd formatting — dot points that weren’t aligned and so on. Now it looks fine from beginning to end.